No coding!

Create beautiful, embeddable calendars

for your Church Community
Builder™ account.

No coding required.
Works across multiple
website platforms.

Let's face it.


Bulletins, video announcements, social, emails, push notes, and texts
are all useful ways to communicate what’s happening at your church, but do you offer a central events calendar displaying the latest, up-to-date information?

If you are already using the Church Community Builder™ software, you’re a step ahead with an inbuilt, public, event calendar that integrates with your groups and processes.

However, let’s face it. Using CCB’s web tools to display your events on your website doesn't look great, and it’s either all or nothing.

So you either

  • hire a developer and spend hundreds of dollars on integrating with the CCB API;
  • or you manually add and update events on your website weekly;
  • or you just don't display any events.

Now, we have some great news for you. Get the best of both worlds with our new, easy-to-use, cloud-based project: the CCB Events platform. has done the work for you, so you don’t have to. Easily create beautiful, embeddable calendar views using your Church Community Builder™ events with this Integration. We have licensed the look and feel from one of the most popular calendaring systems, EventOn and integrated those views to work with any CCB account.


Choose the font type, weight, and size for each
major element to ensure it matches your website.


Colors & Layout

Choose the colors and calendar layout type to match your specific needs. Calendar layout types include full calendar, the next upcoming event, agenda layout, etc.

No Coding

Set up a calendar view in 5 minutes or less. No
coding required. A one-time add of one line of script
to your website enables the views to work.



Our calendar view works on the most modern
websites and responds nicely on all devices.


We will ensure your calendar is always updated. We
will update each calendar view on page load or
you can push changes from within the app.


And Tons more...

Works with your existing Church Community Builder™
account and pulls in your events. Works with multi-
campuses as well.

Real Demos

How it works?


Sign up and integrate your CCB account.


Choose the calendar type you want. Customize the design.


Embed the calendar on your website wherever you want it to be.


Real Clients


With all our plans, you will get full access to all customization features!


$8.33 Per Month (Paid Yearly)
$10 Per Month
  • Events list for one domain.
  • For 1 website only
  • Events list
  • Color options
  • Behaviour options


$25.00 Per Month (Paid Yearly)
$30 Per Month
  • Full calendar with event's list. UNLIMITED websites.
  • For 1000 websites only
  • Full calendar
  • Events list
  • Color settings
  • Font settings
  • Behavior management

*One-time licensing fee: $50 (same for everyone)


Who is behind CCB.Events?

CCB.Events = a joint venture between The Beaverhead LTD and Fluid Ministry LLC.

Fluid Ministry, LLC are the creators behind other products including CCBChimp, CCBText, and now CCB.Events.

Which integrations do you work with?

CCB.Events is an approved, third-party, CCB integration. It allows you to take your public CCB events, edit them on our cloud-based app, and embed them on your website.

CCB.Events looks very similar to EventOn. Is it the same? Different? What’s happening?

CCB.Events is licensing and integrating the visual components of EventOn—one of the most popular and well-supported calendar platforms. Many churches like this look and feel which is one of the reasons we chose it. Also, we decided not to reinvent the wheel. The EventOn platform has many things which work. We saw that we could build on that core look and feel, tweaking as needed for how our platform works.

Is this a WordPress plugin?

No, but it can work with WordPress websites. CCB.Events is a cloud-based solution which you can embed on any WordPress page to give you greater flexibility and increased compatibility with other apps and platforms.

Why is there a $50 set-up fee? What is that about?

As we mentioned in a previous FAQ, CCB.Events decided to focus on creating the integration, not the look and feel, so we don’t reinvent the wheel. Using the EventOn styling required a licensing agreement between EventOn and CCB.Events. The $50 fee allows you to participate in that license and other fees involved with setting everything up.  

What’s the difference between single and multiple domains? And what about sub-domains?

A single domain installation is on one website (one unique domain name). However, sub-domains such as test sites do not count as other domains.

How can I start using CCB.Events?

There are three basic steps:

  1. Sign up and integrate your CCB account.
  2. Choose the calendar type you want. Customize the design.
  3. Embed the calendar on your website wherever you want it to be.

(The first time you do this, you will need to install the script in the header of your website.)

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No coding!

Create beautiful, embeddable

for your Church Community
Builder™ account.